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Library Search:

Instructions on how to use the Library Search

Library Search logo

About Library Search

Use the all-in-one Library Search to find articles, books, and videos in your library's collections and databases. Library Search works best when you want to find a lot of different types of information on a topic or when you are starting your research.


How to Do a Basic Search

Type a one or two-word topic into the box on your library's website. Select the Books, Articles, or Videos radio buttons below the search box if you want to limit to one type of resource. Click the Go! button.

The Library Search box on the library website, highlighting radio button options


More Search Options

Filter your results using the dropdown menus below the search box. You can filter by items, words, or word location in the record.

The Library Search basic search screen, highlighting the dropdown options below the search box.


Click on ADVANCED SEARCH to the right of the search box to access more search options, such as the date filter. Sign in to the Library Search using your KCTCS log in to access your library account information and manage your resources.

The Library Search basic search screen, highlighting advanced searching and sign in options.

How to Tweak Your Results

The most relevant articles, books, and videos appear first in the list. Use the additional filters on the right side of your list of results to limit by subject, resource type, creation date, and availability. For example, you can limit to items Held by Library or Peer Reviewed Journals.

Library search results showing the filters on the right side of the page.


How to Access Items in the List

The Library Search is like a search engine that links you to a database that contains the digital item or tells you where to find the physical item at your library.


Digital Items

Digital items will have a link below the title that says Available Online.

Search results showing a digital item with a link showing "Available Online."


Click Available Online for more details and to View Online databases from your library that contain the digital item. Choose any of the databases in the list to go directly to the item and open it on your screen.

A record page for a digital item, showing multiple links to databases.


Physical Items

To find physical items at your library that are available for check-out, such as books and DVDs, choose the Library Catalog option in the dropdown menu in the basic search box. 

Library search box with the Library Catalog option selected.


Physical items will have a link below the title that says Available At and a call number, which is like an address for the item's location on the shelf. Click Available At for more details and to see a list of KCTCS libraries that have the physical item.

Search results showing physical items, indicating that the item is available at different libraries.


Contact your library for more help.